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A landscape of the world's best companies at the intersection of brands and AI.

Newly Added

We are always adding companies to the landscape. Here are a few of the most recent additions.

  • Monster API
  • D-ID
  • Beatoven.ai
  • vidyo.ai
  • Thundercontent
  • Illustroke
  • AdCreative.ai
  • Scenario
  • ElevenLabs
  • Stockimg AI
  • Luma AI
BrXnd.ai Landscape

BrXndScape is a project of BrXnd.ai, an organization at the intersection of brands and AI.

Generative AI Categories

3D Asset GenerationAI Fashion ModelsAdvertising GenerationColorsConsultantsContent GenerationContent SummarizationEmail GenerationIdea GenerationImage EditorsImage GenerationImage/Prompt SearchInterface DesignLarge Language ModelsLogo DesignMachine Learning ToolsMusic GenerationPattern GenerationPresentation GenerationProduct Photography GenerationResearchersSocial Content GenerationText-to-SpeechTranscriptionVector DatabasesVector GenerationVideo EditingVideo GenerationWriting Assistants

BrXnd is an organization that sits at the intersection of brands and AI.



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