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Content Generation


Writesonic provides a content generation tool for bloggers, freelancers and businesses. It includes features such as ChatSonic, 70+ AI Templates, Landing Page Generator, Zapier Integration, AI Article Writer and Sonic Editor.





Writesonic Features

All features are subject to change. Please check the Writesonic website for the most up-to-date information.
ChatSonicChatGPT-like chatbot
70+ AI Templates25+ Languages
Landing Page Generator1-Click WordPress Export
Zapier IntegrationBrowser extensions
AI Article WriterSonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers three different plans for content generation. The Free Trial plan offers 2,500 words, 1 user, and 70+ AI Templates. The Long-form plan offers 250,000 words, 8 users, and Complete Article Rewriter. The Custom Plan offers Unlimited words, Unlimited users, and Custom AI development.

All prices are subject to change. Please check the pricing page for the most up-to-date information.
PlanDescriptionKey FeaturesModelPriceSummary
Free TrialTry out all features to determine what works best for you2,500 words, 1 user, 70+ AI Templates, 25+ Languages, Landing Page Generator, 1-Click WordPress Export, Zapier Integration, Browser extensions, AI Article Writer, Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor), API AccessSubscriptionFree trial of Writesonic features to help you get a taste of AI writing.
Long-formAwesome tools to help you write blog posts, books, and more.250,000 words, 8 users, Complete Article Rewriter, Research Mode (Coming soon), Workflows (Coming soon), API Access ($99/month plans and above), Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration, Priority access to new features, Priority supportSubscription$132.67 Save 33% with Annual Billing
Custom PlanTake your business to the next level with custom packages, custom AI model development, onboarding, and support.Unlimited words, Unlimited users, Custom AI development, Invoicing options, Dedicated account manager, Training sessions, Premium supportContact SalesCustom pricing based on needs

Writesonic Example Output

Everything below was generated by the AI provided by Writesonic.

Prompt: A blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly revolutionizing all aspects of life, and more and more brands are now leveraging AI to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead in their respective industries. AI technology offers brands access to more accurate data, more efficient processes, and improved customer service, allowing them to reach new heights of success.AI technology can help brands to analyze and interpret customer data in order to gain deeper insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences. This allows brands to create better targeted and tailored campaigns, helping them to convert leads into customers more easily. Brands can apply machine learning algorithms to customer data, allowing them to make more accurate predictions and decisions.Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, brands can also improve customer service by responding to customer queries more quickly and effectively. AI-powered chatbots allow customers to get immediate responses to their questions and queries, reducing customer frustration and improving customer satisfaction.AI-powered analytics can also help brands to monitor their performance and adjust their strategies accordingly. By analyzing user data, brands can identify trends and make data-driven decisions that can help them to improve their performance.The possibilities of AI are endless, and more and more brands are now embracing AI technology to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. AI technology offers brands access to more accurate data, more efficient processes, and improved customer service, making it an invaluable asset in the modern marketplace.





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BrXnd is an organization that sits at the intersection of brands and AI.


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