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A landscape of the world's best companies at the intersection of brands and AI.

Brandtech Group In a Nutshell descriptions provided by The Brandtech Group.


Turning text to voice, often in original or trained voices.


A look at some of the pricing/plans from across this category. This is not a complete list of all the plans, not all data is up to date. Please check pricing pages of each product/company.

All prices are subject to change. Price info is extracted by AI based on the pricing pages. Companies have one “featured plan” chosen from their pricing pages to provide a representative sample of the category.
CompanyFeatured PlanFree TrialDescriptionKey FeaturesModelPriceSummary
Desktop and online app for voice recording and editingSpeech-To-Speech Morphing (up to 180 mins per Month), 20 Professional Voices, 150 Common Voices, Clone Voice Models, Performance Voice Models, Enhanced Quality Models, 48 kHz Sample Rate Output, Text-To-Speech (up to 1M chars), Advanced Batch Processing, Customer SupportSubscription$180 Monthly, Quarterly, Annually (25% discount)
4 hours of synthesized audio, Unlimited Voice Cloning, Generative AI Voices, Generative AI Emotions, Unlimited Projects & Scripts, Directable Voice Pacing, Directable Voice Intonation, Directable Voice IntensityUnlimited Voice Cloning, Generative AI Voices, Generative AI Emotions, Unlimited Projects & Scripts, Directable Voice Pacing, Directable Voice Intonation, Directable Voice IntensitySubscription$20 Starter
For content creators and independent publishers seeking compelling narration for their content.Everything in Free plan + 60,000 characters per month included, Optional usage-based pricing up to 1M characters, Up to 30 Voices in Voice Lab, Commercial License for APIs and platform, English LanguageSubscription$22 $22/mo
Best for Solo producers30,000 words/mo, Unlimited Downloads/exports, 50GB Storage, Access to all 600+ voices, Unlimited Audio embedsSubscription$39 Monthly
Murf AIPro
Best plan to create high-quality voiceoversUnlimited Downloads, Access to all 120+ voices, All 20+ Languages & Accents, 48 hours of voice generation per user/year, 24 hours of transcription per user/year, Collaborative Workspace, AI Voice Changer, Commercial Usage Rights, 8000+ licensed soundtracks, High Priority SupportSubscription$26 $26 per user/month, $312 billed annually
Resemble AIBasic
Pay-as-you-go for custom voices built on the platformUp to 10 Voices, English Only, 50+ Marketplace Voices, Unlimited Audio Downloads, Pay as you goSubscription$0.006 $0.006 per second
SpeechifySpeechify Premium
30+ high quality, natural reading voices, 20+ different languages, Scan and listen to any printed text, Listen at 5x faster speeds, Advanced skipping and importing, Powerful highlighting + note taking tools30+ High Quality, Natural Reading Voices, 20+ Different Languages, Scan and Listen to Any Printed Text, Listen at 5x Faster Speeds, Advanced Skipping and Importing, Powerful Highlighting + Note Taking ToolsSubscription$139 $139/year, $11.58/month. Billed annually.
MOST POPULAR, 750 downloads, 50 Projects, 53 Voice Avatars, 1,000 chars/clip, Unlimited retakes, Live chat support, MP3 file format, Commercial useSubscription$99 $99/mo $149/mo Landscape

BrXndScape is a project of, an organization at the intersection of brands and AI.

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BrXnd is an organization that sits at the intersection of brands and AI.


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