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Content Generation


INK's content generation capabilities allow users to create incredible content 10X faster with its Google Docs style editor, Command AI feature, Maximum Content Lookback, and 130+ AI Writing Templates.





INK Features

All features are subject to change. Please check the INK website for the most up-to-date information.
Unlimited AI WritingCreate incredible content 10X faster with INK's AI Writing capabilities
Google Docs Style EditorCreate content seamlessly with INK's Google Docs style editor
Command AICommand AI with INK's advanced AI capabilities
Maximum Content LookbackLook back on previous content with INK's Maximum Content Lookback feature
130+ AI Writing TemplatesChoose from 130+ AI Writing Templates for a unique content experience

INK Pricing

INK offers four different plans - Creator, Professional, SEO Rocket and Try INK - that offer a variety of features to help you create incredible content, optimize for SEO, and dominate your niche. Features include AI Writing, Image Generation, SEO Optimization, Content Planner, Keyword Clustering, and more. Prices range from $44/mo to $443/mo depending on the plan. All plans include chat support and access to the Facebook Community.

All prices are subject to change. Please check the pricing page for the most up-to-date information.
PlanDescriptionKey FeaturesModelPriceSummary
CreatorFor bloggers & content marketers Create incredible content 10X fasterUnlimited AI Writing, Google Docs style editor, Command AI (like a Boss), Maximum Content Lookback, 130+ AI Writing Templates, 20+ Languages, Unlimited Image Generation, AI Image Generation, Account, 1 User Included, Grows with your Team, Chat SupportSubscription$44 Billed $531/ year
ProfessionalFor content pros & teams Optimize for SEO to rank up to 5X higherEverything in Creator, plus: SEO Optimization Suite, INK SEO Content Score, Semantic Relevance AI, Emotional Intelligence AI, Headline CTR Optimization, Word & Document Optimization, SEO Content Planner, Keyword Clustering AI, 1,000 Credits Included, Professional Upgrades, Upgrade to NLO AI Words, Priority SupportSubscription$89 Billed $1062/ year
SEO RocketFor present & future unicorns Dominate your niche with our process.Everything in Professional, plus: SEO Rocket Program, Our Complete SEO Process, All SOP, Video, Worksheets, Private Community, Power Ups, 5 Users Included, 10,000 Bonus Planner Credits, SEO Rocket Upgrades, Dedicated Success Manager, Premium Technical Support, Q&A Sessions with our Experts, Priority SupportSubscription$443 Billed $5310/ year
Try INKTry before you buy No credit card required2,000 AI Words/ mo, 12 AI Images/ mo, 3 SEO Optimizations/ mo, Facebook Community, 1 UserVolumeNo credit card required

INK Example Output

Everything below was generated by the AI provided by INK.

Prompt: A blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI

In today's digital world, AI presents countless opportunities for brands to expand their reach and maximize success. With its ability to recognize patterns, analyze large amounts of data, and make decisions based on those results, it can help organizations achieve greater efficiency than ever before. It has the potential to reduce human errors and save time by automating mundane tasks, allowing businesses to focus on more strategic pursuits.This is not just a pipe dream; AI technology is being used in various sectors such as banking, healthcare, retail, and transportation - and this list is growing. Companies are leveraging AI-driven marketing campaigns to target specific audiences with tailored messaging and products. They're using machine learning algorithms to optimize inventory management and ensure that customers get what they want when they want it. In addition, AI can be used to identify new business trends and opportunities so companies can respond quickly and capitalize on them.Despite these immense possibilities, there are still challenges associated with the implementation of AI technologies. Businesses must invest in reliable infrastructure and hardware systems, train employees on proper usage, and secure data against cyber threats. Moreover, it is essential to keep up with developments in the industry if companies wish to remain competitive.Yet despite all these considerations, there is no denying that AI offers tremendous benefits for businesses looking to take their operations to the next level. With its unparalleled analytical capabilities, AI can transform any brand into an innovation powerhouse. By keeping a close eye on the latest technological advancements, brands can tap into the true potential of AI and reap the rewards of their hard work.





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