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A landscape of the world's best companies at the intersection of brands and AI.

Brandtech Group In a Nutshell descriptions provided by The Brandtech Group.

Content Generation

Full-featured AI tools that help teams generate content across different media with a specific focus on text.

Example Outputs

Using a simple prompt, we have collected outputs from various AI tools in this category to make it easy to compare. Each is summarized, though you can click through for the full text. We also ran it through Readable’s Tool to judge the readability of the output. Summaries are generated with the help of the Cohere summarization model.

JasperA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can help brands create more personalized experiences for customers. - AI can increase efficiency and automate mundane tasks. - AI can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. - AI chatbots can save time and money by automating tasks.
NovelAIA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- What are the most important goals for my brand? - How can AI help me achieve these goals? - What are the potential risks and rewards of using AI?
Maker AIA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can be used to help brands grow - AI can automate mundane tasks - AI can provide real-time customer insights - AI can generate predictive models of future market trends - Businesses should explore the different types of AI solutions available to them - A strong foundation for implementation helps businesses to begin their AI journey with more confidence
Copy.AIA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI and machine learning technologies can bring vast benefits to companies, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved decision-making, and enhanced marketing efforts. - AI can help businesses make better decisions by analysing previous examples and finding patterns in them, which can then be used to predict future events. - Automating basic tasks such as answering common questions, providing information about products/services and resolving issues that customers may have experienced with their orders, can free up human agents for more complex queries.
INKA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can analyse large amounts of data, identify patterns and make decisions, saving time and resources. - AI can be used to target audiences with tailored messaging and products, and to optimise inventory management. - AI can identify business trends, giving companies the agility to capitalise on new opportunities.
WritecreamA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can automate routine tasks. - It can enhance customer service. - AI can generate new leads. - It can reduce marketing costs. - AI can identify and prevent fraud. - Brands can connect with customers more effectively. - Create more engaging content. - Deliver better targeted marketing campaigns.
Hypotenuse AIA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- Understand the basics of AI - Have the right tech stack in place - Ensure that any AI system is in line with brand values and voice
WriterA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- Artificial Intelligence can help brands increase awareness, improve customer engagement and make better marketing decisions. - Brands need to understand how AI works, address the skills and talent shortage, and consider the long-term implications of AI. - It's important to consider the long-term implications of AI, such as the effect on employment, inequality and sentient machines.
AnywordA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- Use AI to improve marketing efforts: AI can be used to automate tasks, such as sending emails to customers, and to provide personalized recommendations based on customer data. - Enhance the shopping experience: AI can be used to provide virtual try-ons and to offer personalized product recommendations. - Generate new revenue streams: AI can be used to develop new products and services, such as chatbots and voice assistants. - Benefits of using AI in marketing: AI can help brands to save time and money, improve customer engagement and increase sales. - Getting started with AI: To start using AI, brands should identify the areas where they want to use AI and then find the right tools and partners to help them achieve their goals.
CopymaticA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can be used to increase profits and reach customers more effectively than ever before. - Personalisation of content, customer service automation and targeted advertising are among the most effective uses of AI for brands. - By offering personalised recommendations, creating targeted marketing campaigns and providing better customer service through chatbots or other AI-powered tools, brands can save time and money while improving their reputation and increasing sales.
SudowriteA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can be used to improve almost every aspect of a business - AI can be used to streamline operations - AI can be used to improve customer service - AI can be used to target customers more effectively - AI can be used to identify untapped audiences - AI can be used to improve almost every aspect of a business
WritesonicA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can help brands to make more accurate decisions by analysing customer data and providing insights into behaviour and preferences. - Brands can create more effective targeted campaigns and improve customer service with AI-powered chatbots. - AI can also be used to monitor brand performance and adjust strategies in response to trends.
JenniA blog post about the opportunities for brands in AI- AI can help brands to create value by enhancing customer experiences and streamlining business processes - AI can help brands to improve their bottom line by increasing efficiency and reducing costs - AI can help brands to develop new products and services


A look at some of the pricing/plans from across this category. This is not a complete list of all the plans, not all data is up to date. Please check pricing pages of each product/company.

All prices are subject to change. Price info is extracted by AI based on the pricing pages. Companies have one “featured plan” chosen from their pricing pages to provide a representative sample of the category.
CompanyFeatured PlanFree TrialDescriptionKey FeaturesModelPriceSummary
Leverage learnings from millions of historical copy variations to know what converts before you publish.30,000 word credits per month, 100+ AI writing tools, 200+ Data-driven copywriting tools, Real-time predictive performance score and analytics, Improve and boost scores for your own copy, Blog post wizard, 30 languages, Multiple seats, Compare plans, feature-by-featureSubscription$83 $83/month, billed annually, 2 months free
Bertha AIPRO
Get the power of Bertha Ai copywriting assistant on up to 3 websites and let your customers know you mean business when it comes to content creation. Control how many words and images you can use on a per-site basis.Unlimited Users, 3 Websites, 100,000 Words Per Month, 63 Image Generations Per Month, Priority Support, 7 Days Money Back GuaranteeSubscription$45 $45/ month
Spark your imagination with limitless words, tailored for individual creators.Everything in Starter plan, Generate unlimited words, Collaborate with unlimited viewers, 24x7 customer supportSubscription$9 $9 per month for one user
Unlimited words and 5 user seats90+ copywriting tools, Unlimited projects, Priority email support, 25+ languages, Blog Wizard tool, Access to newest featuresSubscription$49 Pay Monthly
Start writing 10x faster with AIAccess to all tools, Unlimited user seats, Unlimited projects, 25+ languages, API access, Wordpress plugin, SEO keyword research, Plagiarism checkerSubscription$32 Based on the number of generated words on a rolling monthly basis
For growing teams and power users taking their copy to the next levelIntegrations, In-App Support, 400 Credits, 100 Plagiarism Checks/moSubscription$59 $59/mo
For writers and small businessesEverything in Starter + Long-form Tools, Text Editor and Document Drive, Command Tool, Access to Teams, Priority Support and Onboarding, Access to AI Image Generation, Custom Tools and TrainingSubscription$69 $69 per member, per month, billed annually
For teams that need more flexibility and collaboration.3 User Seats ($25/mo per extra), Write + Optimize Unlimited Articles, Generate 4,000 AI Words/monthSubscription$114.99 $114.99/mo or $97.75/mo if paid annually
GoCharlieFetch Monthly
Monthly SubscriptionUnlimited Monthly Usage*Subscription$39 Monthly Price (Annual gets 2 months free)
Hypotenuse AIGrowth
Everything in Starter + unlimited high-resolution images and advanced article writing features.Unlimited watermark-free AI images, Maximum 2048px image resolution, 25 plagiarism checks, Priority email and chat support, 1 user, Credits roll over from month to monthVolume$49 (Per (Per 350) units)$49/month billed annually
For content pros & teams Optimize for SEO to rank up to 5X higherEverything in Creator, plus: SEO Optimization Suite, INK SEO Content Score, Semantic Relevance AI, Emotional Intelligence AI, Headline CTR Optimization, Word & Document Optimization, SEO Content Planner, Keyword Clustering AI, 1,000 Credits Included, Professional Upgrades, Upgrade to NLO AI Words, Priority SupportSubscription$89 Billed $1062/ year
JasperBoss Mode
For bloggers & content marketersHarness the full power of AI writing with the ability to create full length content with full control & flexibility.Subscription$82 $82/mo estimated
Maker AIPro
Good for individuals & small businesses with limited content creation needs.20,000 words/month, Access to all wizards, 250 AI image generations per month, Premium Support, Access to creator marketplaceSubscription$25 $25/month
3 Users, Generate 40,000 AI Words, Write & Optimize Unlimited Articles, Get 50,000 Keywords Suggestions, Cluster 15,000 KeywordsKeyword Discovery, Keyword Clustering, SEO Analysis, AI Copywriter, PluginsSubscription$119 $119/month
Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller; Including Calliope and Sigurd; Unlimited Text Generations; 2048 Tokens of Memory; Extra Goodies: 1000 Anlas; Advanced AI TTS; Image GenerationAccess to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller; Including Calliope and Sigurd; Unlimited Text Generations; 2048 Tokens of Memory; 1000 Anlas; Advanced AI TTS; Image GenerationSubscription$15 $15/month (USD)
Content Generation - Let AI write your product description and ad copiesAutomatically create engaging product descriptions by providing a few keywords and let our AI do the writing, create descriptions for your products with a single clicks just by providing our AI with a few keywords and the name of your product, use our AI writing tool to generate ad copies which sell within seconds, stop spending your time manually writing descriptions or ads and let our AI writing tool do so with a single click, get a completed text from our AI within seconds, create unlimited product descriptions every month, use our tool for all your ad sets and ad copies across Facebook, Tiktok and Google, you have the full rights to the texts you create as if you wrote them yourself, you don't need to give any attribution to us, we are constantly adding new features and templates to our tool, start for free with our 7-day trial that offers unlimited text generationsSubscription$16 $16 per month for unlimited usage
Remagine AI Pro
Everything you need for an advanced AI writing toolUnlimited AI runs, Multiple AI models, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited access to 20 AI tools, Unlimited access to 40 templates, Unlimited Feedback Generator, Ask AI chat, Access to AI run history, Priority 24X7 support, Dedicated support manager, Unlimited PDF downloadSubscription$40 $40/month
Full access to Thunder Chat, Unlimited words generated/mo, All AI Writer Features included, Unlimited hours generated/mo, All AI Audio Features includedEarly access to Thunder Chat, Full access to Thunder Chat, Unlimited words generated/mo, All AI Writer Features included, Unlimited hours generated/mo, All AI Audio Features included, 20% OFF on year billing with coupon EARLY20Subscription$63 Billed yearly $756
Awesome tools to help you write blog posts, books, and more.250,000 words, 8 users, Complete Article Rewriter, Research Mode (Coming soon), Workflows (Coming soon), API Access ($99/month plans and above), Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration, Priority access to new features, Priority supportSubscription$132.67 Save 33% with Annual Billing Landscape

BrXndScape is a project of, an organization at the intersection of brands and AI.

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BrXnd is an organization that sits at the intersection of brands and AI.


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